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Graphic and Media Design  
University of the Arts London
(current studies)

Graphic Design
Art School of Buda
(2-year vocational study)

English and American Studies -major (BA)
Art History - minor (BA)
Eötvös Loránd University



May 2021—March 2022
Graphic Designer
DelightAd Studio, Budapest, Hungary

March 2022—
Graphic Designer

September 2022—September 2023
Graphic Design internship
Red Bee Creative

February 2024
Graphic Designer

 +44 7342364972

  design: @hhbianka
  private: @gumidomino

Communicating through visuals is exciting, challenging and motivating. I am grateful to be living in this particular age, witnessing the constant changes in technology and the appearance of new inventions; using and reflecting to them excites my mind: such as how a thousand-year-old discipline can be combined with a contemporary approach.

I consider myself intensely open-minded and I seek new experiences every day. My interests cannot be constrained to a specific field within graphic design. I have recently started experimenting with coding, generative design, and especially interactive design.
I intend to explore these technologies in more details while I am also curious about involving manual techniques in the process of designing.

my dog Nacho and me <3

2024 — Bianka Horváth