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Breaking news - interactive installation

This installation monitors the viewer’s heart rate while they are shown real-time article headlines. According to their heart-rate the abstract shapes change, the higher the pulse the more distorted they get. 
After the experiment is over, a thermoprinter prints the generated image with the last headline, for the user to keep as a souvenir.

London, UK

Installation: Pulsesensor.com, Arduino, Touchdesigner 
Video: Adobe After Effects
Sound: Garage Band (Bianka Horvath)


The inspiration for this installation came from the rhapsodical nature of headlines. War and baby-animal-born-at-the-zoo news have been mixed frequently, which supposedly takes away from the seriousness of the important articles, and ridicules the news scene in general. With this interactive installation users can monitor their heart rate while reading the article headlines.

2024 — Bianka Horváth